$2295 for a 12 year old shelf company for a limited time.  Ask for the list here


Please Notice:  Applying for corporate credit is more involved at this time due higher standards in application for credit.  It's  unlikely to obtain more than $100,000 in credit lines, involving no collateral and with no guarantor.  Using a shelf company may be considered high risk in obtaining credit, regardless of the source.  Results vary.





Should I pay DNB for anything?


The DUNS from D&B is free.  You decide if their other services are necessary.


Will an aged shelf company guarantee corporate credit?


No.  Then what will an aged shelf company do for you?


Ask yourself these questions:

  • As a customer, would I prefer to pay an existing business that's four years old or four weeks old to remodel my kitchen?  Tutor my children?  Fix my car?  Provide advice?

  • As a lender, would I prefer to loan money to an existing business that's four years old or four weeks old?

  • An aged company will help you overcome objections in sales and marketing.  This boosts sales and revenue.  Showing revenue helps obtaining credit.

  • Establishing credibility is enhanced when your offering products and services from an aged company.  Customers feel more confident in doing business with you.  If they ask about your company?  Your answer may be, "I bought an existing company that was incorporated in 2007 and I've been in the industry for X years."  You should be transparent when buying an aged shelf company.  It's just an existing company that was incorporated years ago.  You build the company after your buy it. 

  • Financing pivots on revenue.  Boosting revenue through an aged shelf company helps financing. 

  • The risks of business failure is minimized with an aged shelf company.

What are the accounts I should consider opening right away?

  • Obtain an EIN

  • Open an account any online bank.

  • Apply for a credit, net30 account with the following companies:

    • Amazon registration.com registration

    • DHL.com

    • GlobalIndustrial.com

    • Grainger.com

    • Quill.com

    • Reliable.com

    • Skybonus.Delta.com

    • TechDepot.com

    • Uline.com

    • Sam's Discover Card

  • Order at the end of the month if possible.

  • Place at least three orders per trade line.  One order per month.

  • Pay early.  Pay it off immediately, if possible.

  • Orders should approach $100.

How do arrange my business affairs to most effectively apply for credit?

Place yourself in the shoes of the bank.  What are they looking for?

  • The bank is looking to lend money to business; but avoiding certain industries.

    • They are avoiding real estate speculators because the banks lost so much money.

    • Industries such as real estate and asset management are suffering.  Those industries experience great difficulty getting funding. 

    • Manufacturing, technology and other industries have a much higher chance of funding.

  • The bank is looking for consistency in your business plan.  If you're incorporated in Wyoming, and filed in another state (i.e. California), what do they look for?

    • Information is consistent between the Secretary of State of Wyoming and the Secretary of State of California.

    • Both state offices, and the local business license in California, states the same information; such as the address of the business, the list of officers, and any other information.

    • The bank, and DNB, seeks to validate the company.  Does the company make sense?  Does it tell a consistent story? 

    • If you live in Wyoming, you shouldn't have an office in Wyoming.  If you live in California, then your business address should be in California.  That makes sense to DNB and the bank.  Would you loan money to a character from California but did business 1000 miles away? The business needs to be where you are.  And you need to be where the business is.

  • Do business with subsidiaries of your goal.  If your objective is to do business with Citibank, then open accounts with subsidiaries of Citibank.  Open Net 30 accounts and pay them off early.  They will report information to Citibank and you're on your way.  This is the "branch of the tree" technique.  If you can't take the tree at the trunk, start at a branch your size.


Do I need a corporate kit for my business?  No.  Our shelf companies filed in Montana and Wyoming do not require that the shares be certificated.  This means that the shares do not need be to reduced to paper form.  If you don't have investors, then the corporate kit is not necessary.  The stock ledger is a list of stockholders, when they acquired the shares, the share numbers, etc.  This is an example of stock ledger founder here.  The stock ledger is held privately.  It's not filed with the Secretary of State. 


As for the corporate kit, it is often an unnecessary and antiquated practice.  Your customers and your bank will not ever see the leather bound book.  Save your money and buy a laser printer instead.  The corporate seal is not used any more.  Banks don't require a seal; except for the occasional Well Fargo branch.  Even then, order one if its ever required.  Where do you buy? Visit Corpkit.com for these unnecessary items.  Incorporators, just all other industries, sell you things you don't need.


What's the difference between a Personal Guarantor requirement of a Social Security Number and the Know Your Customer rules?  The Know Your Customer rules are to identify who is the signer on an account.  That's different than serving a s personal guarantor(PG) for a loan.  Serving as a PG obviously means that you are responsible for the payment of the loan if all other parties, if any, fail to pay.  You are on the hook as the PG.


I though corporations offered limited liability.  Why is Transunion being used to do background checks on the owners of the company?  Corporations offer limited liability.  This remains the same.  Now, Transunion does background checks on the owners of the company to determine if the owners have engaged in high risk or fraudulent activity in the past.  Even when you're not the guarantor on the loan, they still drag you into the credit worthiness of the corporation.  The solution:  Don't place any officer on your company unless they are clean of any recent business failures, fraud matters, and other questionable activities.


How many trade lines of credit do I need?  At least three trade lines is required.  We recommend five trade lines.  We recommend to more than what is necessary.  Some trade lines are not reported to DNB.  Our suggestion is to obtain seven trade lines with at least $200 on each trade line; or a minimum of $100 each.


How long does it take for trade lines to show up?  Transunion and DNB has paired up to do the checking on the companies and to do background checks on the owners. 


Why are Net 30 orders important?  A Net 30 order is an order on credit that must be paid in thirty(30) days.  Pay it off early to improve your business score.  The more Net 30 orders paid early, the better the Paydex score.  This depends upon your ability to buy.  If you don't have the money to pay these orders on time or early, then building your Paydex score will take more time.  Your budget will determine how many of the credit orders you may place in the purchase of goods and services, and how soon you pay them off.


When are account receivables reported?  Trade lines data is submitted at the end of the month in most cases.  DNB and credit bureaus update their data about the same time.


5 Million dollars?  5 Years?  I saw this on an application and it's outrageous.  I don't meet this requirements.   Most businesses and people don't.  It's an antiquated practice.  Don't sweat it.


What is the profile of a legitimate business?

  • Contact info is registered with 411

  • Business cards, letterhead, website

  • Business plan

  • Logo

  • Toll free number is helpful.  Today, it isn't necessary because almost everyone has a cell phone.

  • Promotional items if helpful

  • Completed bylaws and resolutions

  • Sales agents or employees.

  • Information provided by the Secretary of State is consistent with who is running the company

  • If the company is using a DBA, then it is filed with the State or local level.

Can I get my DUNS number from D&B in one day at no charge? 


Yes, please visit here:  http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform


As long as you intend to apply for grant or a contract from the US Government at some time in the future, you may apply at this webpage for your DUNS number.  No charge and it is quick!


If you register at this D&B site, you must have at least five employees.  Make certain all the information is correct.  They charge a fee for correcting any data.  Their validation procedure may also delay your ability to obtain credit.  Incorrect information is worse than not filing at all.


If you're applying for contract work involving the US federal government, then consider applying for Central Contractor Registration here:  http://bpn.gov/  or here: https://www.bpn.gov/ccr/default.aspx


If I have bad credit, can I obtain corporate credit?


DNB now shares information with Transunion through their i-update program.  This is to identify people who start a business, obtain credit, and don't pay it back.  DNB seeks to identify these people and flag them as "high risk."  Some individuals are flagged high risk without a discernible reason. 


If you currently have bad credit because of bad decisions that you've made in the past, and seek to start a business, then consider bringing in a partner.  Make certain that the partner has good credit.



Do buy the shelf company first or file the EIN first?


Acquire the shelf corporation or shelf LLC first, then file for the EIN.



Do I buy the shelf company before I obtain the address and the phone number?

Acquire the shelf company and then obtain the address and phone number.  Place the company name on the phone registration and the lease.


Should I buy a shelf company with an EIN?


Never!  If you don't believe us, ask your lawyer.  Companies with existing EIN's often owe back taxes and other debts; such as credit cards and unsecured lines of credit.  You may be buying a shelf corporation with unseen debts and liabilities.  To avoid these problems, please consider buying a clean shelf company without an EIN, without a bank account and without existing credit.  You'll be certain that the taxman will not be knocking on your door for back taxes, and the debt collector won't be bothering you.


Should I use a virtual phone number or a phone line from the phone company?

Virtual phone numbers cannot be registered with 411 information services.  To do that, you must have a real phone line through the phone company.  Most phone companies can forward incoming calls to your cell phone. 


What's the first application I should make for a tradeline?


Go to Staples.com, or similar office supply store and sign up for their rewards and a line a credit.

Important:  Ask for a catalog.  Then within thirty days, apply for a trade line.  They prefer to open trade lines for current customers (those who receive the catalog).  You are assigned a customer ID number when you receive the catalog.  That customer ID card is important.










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