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  • We are thankful that you are buying one of our companies(filings).  Thank you very much.
  • All sales are final.  There are no exceptions.
  • There are no returns or exchanges.
  • All sales are approved in Wyoming.
  • All disputes are handled in Wyoming.
  • We only sell companies filed in-house.  We file and maintain each company we sell.  We will only sell companies prepared by one of our associates or authorized agents.  We honor only claims made on the original order form issued from our office at the time of purchase.  The offers, guarantees, promises of resellers are their own.
  • We do not sell reinstated companies that were dissolved.
  • We will not post a list of our filings online. 
  • You cannot post a list of our filings online.
  • The customer may resell the filing to any third party at the discretion of the customer.  The third party is held to account to this Terms of Use.
  • The customer may not apply for the Employer Identification Number (EIN) until the documents are emailed to the customer’s email address.  If the customer applies for the EIN before buying the company, this is deemed EIN fraud, and punishable according to the IRS’ rules and regulations.
  • After purchase, the customer may move the company filing to any other register agent.
  • The list of available filings is updated periodically and routinely.   
  • Each filing without an Employer Identification Number (EIN).  Each filing presents no back taxes owed.  There are no debts or encumbrances of any kind. 
  • Each company includes the following:
    • Articles of incorporation/Articles of Organization
    • Certificate of good standing
    • Bylaws (corporation) or Operating Agreement (LLC)
    • Resolutions
    • Registered agent service until the next year.
    • Upon request, we send a list of our available filings via email.  
    • We will reserve a filing, upon request, for a 48-hour period.  A deposit is not required to reserve a company.  We may extend the reservation at the pleasure of the customer, or if we so choose, or may deny the extension.
    • We operate on the honor system.  That means if you lose interest in the company, you will notify us.  That also means that we will not sell the company to someone else while it is reserved for you.
    • Upon reservation request, an order form will be sent to the customer via email.  The company will be identified by company name, filing date, the state of filing, and the identification number assigned to of the company assigned by the state.  The customer will write-in or type-in the customer name, address of the credit card, phone number and email address.
    • Also, via email, a registered agent form shall be sent to the customer.  On this form, the customer will complete the name of the company, the new business address, and the new corporate officers (corporation) or the new manager (LLC) of the company.  The customer will also identify the natural persons who may control the company.  As part of the service provided, we will update the public record with the information provided by the customer, in good faith.
    • We honor only claims made on the original order form transmitted from our business.  The offers, guarantees, promises of our resellers are their own.


    • The order form is sent from the customer via email at Assetprofile@gmail.com or to fax number 702.920.8824.  The customer has the choice to return the order form completed or to refuse purchase of the filing.
    • To complete the sale, the completed order form and registered agent agreement are to be sent to Assetprofile@gmail.com or to fax number 702.920.8824.  
    • If paying by credit card, we require that the cardholder provide a cell phone picture or scanned copy of the photo identification, such as a driver’s license or other government issued ID card.
      • We require a scanned copy of the credit card, or cell phone picture thereof; front and back.
    • The customer may pay by wire transfer, bank deposit or Zelle.
    • We do not accept personal checks or money orders unless we had at least one other order from the customer that included photo ID.
    • If the customer is paying by credit card, we only ship to the billing address on the credit card.  We can make an exception to this rule if the order form presents with a notarized signature from the cardholder with the address listed of where the documents should be mailed.



o    The filing is emailed to the customer’s email address as listed on the order form.  This is considered delivery upon the date and time received in the email of the customer.

o    As a courtesy, a paper copy will be mailed to the customer’s credit card billing address, as indicated on the order form completed by the customer.

§  The physical delivery of the paper documents is a backup to the email delivery.  A signature is required for delivery.

§  A tracking number is provided to the customer to secure the paper documents. 

§  Documents are mailed USPS Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation at no additional cost.

§  At the customer’s discretion, he or she may pay for a courier such as Fedex, UPS, or other provider, to deliver said documents, at the additional cost to customer.

§  We only ship to the billing address on the credit card.


·         We will try to notify the customer of any annual renewal requirements as far as state compliance and for the billing of the registered agent services.  The customer is ultimately responsible for the annual reporting, if any, with the state, and all compliance requirements.


·         We do not spam.


·         We do not sell our customer data to anyone.  This would be a betrayal of the confidence placed in us as registered agent for the company.



The client is completely self-directed.  Please see a tax advisor.

As a courtesy, we will provide suggestions on how to start a business.  The customer must exercise discretion


We sell American filings.  We welcome persons to do business in the USA.  If we see that the customer is hostile to the USA, or interests of the USA, service will be refused. 

We also have the right to refuse service to the following industries or persons:

  • Anyone who has espoused beliefs, at any time, that are against the security or interests of the United States, against the US Constitution, or against the safety of US citizens or US persons, within the US, or abroad. 
  • Anyone involved in the pornography business or in the business of selling products or services related to the adult industry.
  • Anyone involved in any activity considered illegal, suspicious, or inappropriate as determined by us.
  • If we deem necessary, a background search may be ordered on the customer based on the phone number, name of the customer, email or any other identifier used to communicate with us.  This is done sparingly and when the circumstances deem it necessary to prevent fraud against us or to prevent fraud against a customer.
  • If we deem that a customer is of concern, in any way, then we will terminate services.  At our discretion, an outside provider may be contracted so a customer may be made whole.  Otherwise, we may provide a full or partial refund depending on the timing or circumstance of the filing, the issue at hand, or the behavior of the customer.












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